Surgical Power Tools
Cannulated Drill

Cannulated Drill

  • Product introduction

Max rotational   speed : 1200rpm

To clamp drill   bit for φ 0.6-8mm,

Green   Batteries : 14.4V

Host powerful;   Siamese Closed back cover.

Large   torque;offer reversing choice

Max   cannulated diameter : 4.5mm, suitable for K-wire, intramedullary nails and   other operations

Positive   and negative ratation, smooth operation and stepless speed regulation

Environmental   protection battery within voltage of 14.4V . No need for sterilization

whole   machine can be autoclavable and sterilized by high temperature

Battery   charged suitable for voltage of both 110V and 220V

Can be used   with Kirschner wire for trauma operation

Complete Set: One motor , one key , two batteries , one   charger , two separate sterilize channel