Lean Management

Lean Management


  • "Lean management, improve continuously" is management principle of the company. It solves the problem of " how to innovation and how to improve competiveness continuously,provides strong support for promoting personal performance assessment and creats a steady basis to achieve company's strategic target.

  •    Promote lean management

Basic management: 6S, TPM, OPL; innovation management: improvement proposal, overall innovation;

Project management: focus task, QCC, IE application……

Establish lean system

6S management methods; PDCA management language; improvement proposal management regulations; overall innovation management regulations;

Focus task & QCC management process; IE promotion and application management regulations;

Training personnel for lean management

Promoting committee member; promoting specialist; promoting manager; promoting expert……

Create lean improvement culture

Training, learning, lean activities, promoting, guiding, and prompt incentives.

* Create lean and effective operating system, continuously optimize PQSDCM

P:productive;Q:quality ;C:cost ;D:delivery;Ssafety ;M:morale